Cantilever racks are good for storing long, unwieldy items like pipes, lumber or tubing. You can use them to store furniture and lots of other long loads that don’t work on pallet rack. We help design, specify and install storage projects and can help you get it right. Contact Viet Pos Rack immediately for advice.

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Detailed construction

– Load-bearing column: attached to the base. The height and the load depends on the customer needs.
– Link beam bars (horizontal and diagonal): provide stability for the system. The width and length of the beams are determined by the size of the product stored, as well as the application for which the system is being designed.
– Load-bearing arms: available in many different designs and capabilities. The support arm can be changed on request, it can be straight or inclined. Arm lengths from 600 – 2500 mm.
– Stand base: The base system presses the floor and supports the load-bearing column, keeps the shelf upright and does not wobble. The size of the sole depends on the size of the arm.

Store items

– Piping
– Tubing
– Steel racks
– Beams
– Metal stock

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– Cantilever racks provide an open design that is highly visible, accessible, and easy to load and unload.
– Plus, with a sturdy internal support system and flexible design, cantilever racking is perfectly equipped to store even the heaviest items.
– Our upright cantilever racks come in single or double-sided configurations, which allow for storage on both sides of the rack. This also helps fit more shelving per square foot, regardless of your facility’s size or shape.

Applicable model

– Narrow warehouse area requires large amount of storage
– Industrial production
– Production storage materials
– Chemical, garment, electronics, materials factories …
– E-commerce warehouse
– Warehouse of finished products

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