Warehouse Shelf Solutions

Radio Shuttle shelf system picks up goods automatically

Radio Shuttle racking automatically picks up one of the most modern and high-tech storage rack [...]

Large capacity automatic transfer and storage AS/RS racking

AS/RS warehouses are widely used in logistics and goods transportation activities of enterprises. In Vietnam, [...]

Automatic Robot Shelf to manage goods

Automatic Robot Racking is a semi-automatic goods storage racking system, using Robots combined with traditional [...]

Producing warehouse shelves V hole according to European

Warehouse shelves V hole is increasingly widely applied to many models: warehouse, grocery store, supermarket, [...]

Viet POS Rack produces automatic Radio Shuttle shelves

Radio Shuttle is an innovative semi-automated storage and retrieval system. Particularly useful in drive-in and [...]

Manufacturing and mechanical processing of warehouse shelves on request

Viet POS Rack is the leading of manufacturing warehouse shelves and on-demand processing with full [...]

Cantilever Racks for Pipe or Lumber Storage

Cantilever racks are good for storing long, unwieldy items like pipes, lumber or tubing. You [...]

How Does Gravity Flow Pallet Rack Work?

Gravity flow pallet, also known as “gravity flow,” “flow through rack… is a FIFO warehouse [...]

Push back racking system for industrial warehouse

Push back racking (also referred to as pushback racking) is a pallet storage method that [...]

V-hole iron shelves for warehouses, libraries

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