Frequently asked questions

Consultancy process we find that we need to answer customer questions quickly.


What products does Viet POS Rack sell

Viet POS Rack is a solution provider and manufacturer of industrial warehouse racks with heavy loads and light loads. Designers and manufactures display racks suitable for a wide range of business models.

The products can be designed separately?

We have individually designed each type of shelf to suit your model, painting the province according to your requirements.

How long is the order time?

Our popular products are always available in stock. As for items on request we usually receive from 1 week to 2 working weeks.

Shipping costs like?

We charge the cost of shipping by kg or depending on the area. The consultant will quote the most economical price before closing the order.

Is the shelf color changed?

We receive paint according to your requirements, from 1 week to 2 weeks.

Charts have a fee or not?

Completely free consulting design on demand (2D layout)

Do I need a consultation to take place to charge or not?

We offer free consultation nationwide.

How do I know the correct material parameters according to the consultant?

Viet POS Rack commits to correct parameters as cost estimation consultancy. You have the right to return the goods if the agreed specifications are wrong.

How long does it take for a bulk order to produce?

Usually we will take 30 days to produce

The drawing board I have is available so can I produce a shelf for me?

We will work with you to answer the drawing board and carry out production as required.

Need advice, please call us?
Please contact us for free consultation and quotation.