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Lockers are products that are used a lot in supermarkets, cosmetic stores, clothing stores… to help employees and customers better preserve their personal belongings. Lockers have many different designs, you can choose the model to suit your business model. 2 Door Metal Storage Locker is a product chosen by many customers today. Immediately contact Viet Pos Rack via hotline: 0935 49 83 84 for quick advice and quotation.

Applicable model of Lockers locker with 2 doors

Supermarkets, shopping malls, clothing shops…

For these business models, the number of visitors in and out is very large, and theft and loss of items occur frequently. To be able to secure the personal assets of employees as well as customers, the use of lockers is essential.

Notary office, company

At offices, companies, notary offices… the management of documents and records encounters many difficulties. Using lockers can arrange and divide documents to help employees manage easily. When there is something to find, importing and exporting documents also becomes simpler. The cabinet can also store employees’ shoes to help keep the office neat and clean.

Business points selling goods and services

In order to avoid theft of employees and customers, a locker is a very suitable choice for service store owners. Lockers cabinets have high durability, long life, one-time cost investment for long-term use.


Using lockers to store personal belongings of teachers and students helps to ensure better security at school. Students will also not have to worry about losing their personal belongings.

Industrial zones, gyms

Lockers lockers for clothes, shoes… at home. In addition, it is also used to store clothes at the gym or in factories, factories… Clothes will not be wrinkled, crumpled and dusty during use.


2 Door Metal Storage Locker

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3 Door Metal Storage Locker

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