Warehouse solution provider, product display racks.

VIET DUC TRI GROUP was officially established on October 1, 2010. With a history of 10 years of operation, the company has made many great achievements, gaining a lot of prestige for customers nationwide. VIET DUC TRI owns many brands such as VIETPOS.VN – VIETPOSRACK.VN – ANNINHSO.COM – VIETEASY.VN provides and produces a wide range of products to the Vietnamese market.
VIETPOS RACK shelf products are multi-types, models, applicable to many models such as production operation, cold storage, e-commerce warehouse, supermarket, shop, factory, warehouse… VIETPOS RACK, you will be introduced to supermarket shelves such as mesh shelves, seamless steel shelves, perforated corrugated iron shelves, advertising shelves… along with the shelves for heavy industries such as transshipment shelves, payload shelves Used for storage, storage…
Activities of Vietpos Rack:
– Manufacture of shelves for models of supermarkets, warehouses, and factories.
– Consulting and operating automated storage and storage
– Setup to build supermarkets, retail stores
– Supply industry accessories
– Supplying materials for the supermarket industry.


Consulting team

Sales consulting team, 24/7 support, enthusiastic, attentive, high professional.

Deployment team

Technical department with many years of experience, expertise, support for on-site installation for customers



– Building a long-term and strong cooperation relationship with all customers. The benefit of our customers is our top concern. By cooperating and sharing customers’ concerns, the TPOS RACK hopes to help all customers achieve the highest efficiency for their needs.
– Become one of the supplier and distributor of shelf products, equipment and solutions to the system of supermarkets, factories, offices … with quality and efficiency nationwide. Become a major brand in the international market.




– VIETPOS RACK’s products and services are built on the foundation of combining the world’s advanced technology and the creativity of Vietnamese people. Therefore, it helps VIETPOS RACK to create quality products according to international standards at competitive prices.
– Harmonize the basic interests between owners, employees, partners and customers based on the motto of honest and fair operation of the interests of the parties.
– Build a team with good ethics, professional expertise, modern working style in a professional working environment.