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Cantilever racks are used?

This is a very versatile shelf, good for storing products of different lengths on the same shelf.

Narrow warehouse area requires large amount of storage
Industrial production
Production storage materials
Chemical, garment, electronics, materials factories …
E-commerce warehouse
Warehouse of finished products

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Detailed structure of the hand shelf

– Load-bearing column: attached to the base. The height and the load depends on the customer needs.
– Link beam bars (horizontal and diagonal): provide stability for the system. The width and length of the beams are determined by the size of the product stored, as well as the application for which the system is being designed.
– Load-bearing arms: available in many different designs and capabilities. The support arm can be changed on request, it can be straight or inclined. Arm lengths from 600 – 2500 mm.
– Stand base: The base system presses the floor and supports the load-bearing column, keeps the shelf upright and does not wobble. The size of the sole depends on the size of the arm.

Advantages of hand racks

– Easy to place shelves, saving storage area. Can be placed anywhere according to the length of the row on the shelf.
– Easily combine with machinery equipment, tractors when needed. Because the shelf is smooth from top to bottom.
– Low investment cost but offers diversified storage capacity.
– The shelving system is extremely solid, durable over time.


Receiving customers
Receiving customer needs for each specific model

Demand analysis
Analyzing the customer warehouse storage model

Drawing board +quotation
Layout drawing board and price estimate

Deployment + acceptance
Construction implementation, acceptance and operation

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Modern production
Raw material iso
automatic powder coating
safe installation



Do you need warehouse shelves right now?

Please contact us for a free consultation and quotation.

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