Robot Shuttle racking system is composed of shelf, trolley and forklift truck high density storage system, the efficient way of storage is in order to improve warehouse space utilization, bring customers a new storage option. Thanks to wide range of dimensions, load capacities and accessories, our pallet racking can be adapted to all types of spaces and for all manner of products regardless of their size and weight. Specific characteristics are the rigid and stable construction, the high quality finish and the wide range of accessories, which enable you to arrange your warehouse lay out to meet your specific needs.

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Robot Shuttle Rack has a battery-operated motor inside that can run for a full 8-hour shift before it needs recharging. It also has censors that can pick up its location within the rack and in relation to the pallet it needs to deposit or retrieve thereby reducing the monitoring by an operator. It has a robust shell with easy access to parts that needs maintenance. All the components used are locally sourced “off the shelf” components to ensure availability in case of a breakdown.

RobotShuttle cart can provide the perfect solution to dense storage situations. One of the conventional methods would be to install drive in racking which is great at space utilization but can sometimes inhibit efficiencies when storing the deep pallets as well as potential damage to uprights.

Robot shuttle rack gives the same space utilization but removes the inefficiencies and risk of damages. All the forklift operator needs to do is place a pallet onto a shuttle position and activate the shuttle and it does the rest of the work, freeing up the operator to complete other tasks.

Functions of Robot Shuttle Racking

– To improve the utilization of high density storage, warehouse
– High working efficiency, and greatly reduce the waiting time of operation
– Flexible operation, cargo access mode can be first in first out, after can be advanced
– High safety coefficient, reduce the collision shelves with forklift, raise the productivity of security
– Requirements for lighting, relatively low, compared with other types of storage shelves, less overall investment.

Robot Shuttle Rack Specs

– Shelves load 500 to 1500 kg / pallet
– Automatic Robot Operator Pick Up
– Omega 100×75 leg 2.0 – 3.0mm thick
– Altitude up to 18m
– The 120×50 beam arm is 2.0 – 3.0mm thick
– Iron rims 1.2 – 1.4mm thick
– Steel beam bracing bar box 25x50x1.2mm
– Iron tie bar box 20x40x1.2mm
– Base base, 2.5mm protection box
– Powder coating in orange and blue
– Safe deflection: 0.5%.
– Material tolerance: ± 5%.
– Powder coating: Oxyplast powder coating material.

Working principle

Goods-in: put the goods at the front of racking at the lane track by forklift, control the radio shuttle bearing pallet goods running on the track through wireless remote; Goods-out: move the deep pallet of rack to the front, use forklift to pick up; Move dolly: radio shuttle applied to different lane, the quantity is up to lane depth, goods quantity, goods out batch, goods out frequency etc. composite factors.

Video of the Robot Shuttle shelf operation

Production Process

Shuttle Rack Robot at Viet Pos Rack is manufactured with a modern, closed process, from raw material selection to factory storage. Factory with many modern equipment to meet large capacity. All products are strictly tested before reaching the hands of customers.

Automatic Metal Press System

Automatic Omega Standing
Bar Press System

Beam roll forming machine

Automatic Welding system

Electro Static Power Coating

Packaging Process

Applied range

Much quantity, less variety: food, drink, chemical, tobacco single variety large quantity, the industry with relative single item Cold storage work: reduce low temperature working time, improve work efficiency and work safety; Limit management: strict with product batch, need first-in,first-out management godown; Increase storage capacity: limit storage space, need to maximum utilization godown space

Last-in First-out(LIFO) Leave passage at one side of racking, Use raido shuttle to operate FILO.
First-in First-out(FIFO) Leave passage at two sides of racking, Use raido shuttle to access goods at racking two

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