Radio Shuttle racking automatically picks up one of the most modern and high-tech storage rack systems today. Radio Shuttle shelves help to store in the warehouse, use robots to pick up goods, optimal capacity, improve economic efficiency for many businesses.

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--> Automated Robot Racking (Radio Shuttle Racking System) to manage goods

--> Viet POS Rack produces automatic Radio Shuttle shelves

What is a Radio Shuttle Rack?

Radio Shuttle racking is an automatic racking system that uses robots to transfer goods on rails, via remote control. Rotbot Shuttle is placed at the top of the shelf, performing the task of importing and exporting goods. Radio Shuttle racking is suitable for warehouses with homogeneous goods in large quantities and need to make the most of space and warehouse area.

Radio Shuttle shelf structure

– Load-bearing column frame: Bearing the load of the whole racking system
– Beam bar: Connects between 2 load-bearing column frames
– Guide rail: is where the Robot Shuttle and pallets are placed
– Robot Shuttle: Import and export pallets according to orders
– Support rail: Fixed guide rail
– Protective shield: Keep the robot from sliding out of the system

Radio Shuttle Rack Specifications

– Material: imported steel SS400
– Load capacity: From 500 – 1,500 kg/pallet
– Speed: 0.5 m/s
– Depth: can be up to 20-30 pallets
– Shelf height: can be up to 15-20m (depending on the picking height of the forklift)
– Withstand the lowest temperature: – 300 degrees Celsius
– Surface coating: Powder coated or hot dipped zinc
– Color: blue, orange, or optional

Radio Shuttle shelf operation principle

  • Import goods: the robots are placed on the rails, the forklift will lift the goods above the robot, press the control to start the robot working, lift and move the pallet containing the goods to the required position.
  • Export goods: press control robot to run deep inside the shelf to take the iron pallet to the top of the shelf, the staff takes the pallet to store the goods by forklift.

Radio Shuttle shelf manufacturing process

Heavy-duty industrial racks at Viet Pos Rack are manufactured with a modern, closed process, from raw material selection to factory storage. Factory with many modern equipment, meet large capacity. All products are strictly tested before reaching customers.

Automatic stamping system

Omega shank system

Beam rolling system

Automatic welding system

Powder coating system

Careful packaging

Applicable model of Radio Shuttle shelf

– Factory warehouse
– Warehouses of heavy industrial plants
– Warehouses of industrial parks, factories, large factories.
– Warehouse, supermarket, supermarket.
– Warehouses containing export goods of various types.
– Warehouses providing materials and heavy equipment
– Warehouses of lubricants, chemicals, food, medical…
– Warehouse of construction materials, packaging production
– Warehouses of large distributors

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Operation process of automatic racking system

  • Step 1: Forklift places the Robot Shuttle at the location where the goods need to be imported.
  • Step 2: The forklift proceeds to put the pallet containing the goods into the position of the shelf where the robot is available.
  • Step 3: Use remote to send commands to Robot Shuttle to move pallets.
  • Step 4: The robot lifts and moves the pallet deep into the desired position (according to the set command).
  • Step 5: After putting the pallet in the correct position, the robot returns to the top of the shelf, repeating the operation until the shelf is full, before the last position is filled. The robot is removed and taken to another location to continue operating.