Do you need warehouse shelves right now?
Please contact us for a free consultation and quotation.

Do you need warehouse shelves right now?
Please contact us for a free consultation and quotation.

Bạn cần kệ kho hàng ngay lúc này ?

Video simulates warehouse operation

We simulate virtual video how the shelves are operated. Contact us for advice on modern storage solutions that are economical, flexible, and competitively priced.

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Automation solutions

ENG POS – RACK….. Providing automation solutions
10 Years of constantly developing solutions

Robotic automatic picking shelves are designed for large-scale models.

Automatic picking shelves, high density of goods.

Automatic shelves for cold storage models, separately designed.

AGV self-propelled vehicles are robots that transport goods automatically.

Industrial warehouse shelves

Viet Pos Rack Leading the warehouse racking industry.
10 Years of constantly developing solutions

Industrial heavy-duty shelves containing pallet goods, weighing 3000kg each floor.

Selective industrial shelves with narrow aisles, using 3D forklifts.

Selective heavy duty industrial racks feature longer forklifts.

Heavy-duty industrial shelves pick goods in roller order.

Industrial shelves save space and have large storage capacity.

Shelves contain light goods, do not use forklifts to pick up goods.

Multi-purpose shelf used for small cars and families.

Heavy-duty industrial shelves, order picking.

Kệ kho hàng công nghiệp

VIỆT POS – RACK….. Dẫn đầu công nghiệp kệ kho hàng.
10 Năm không ngừng phát triển giải pháp


Viet POS RACK Manufacture display shelves upon request
10 Years of constantly developing solutions

Mesh supermarket shelves are suitable for hypermarkets and mini mar storest

Corrugated iron shelves are suitable for cosmetics and electronics stores

Corrugated iron shelves suitable for supermarket models

Export shelves are packaged according to specifications, easy to transport

Advertising shelves identify your own brand

Display shelf combined with wood

Shelves are designed according to customer requirements, simple to assemble

Accessories, cashier desks, carts, hangers of all kinds…

kệ trưng bày

VIỆT POS – RACK….. Sản xuất kệ trưng bày theo yêu cầu
10 Năm không ngừng phát triển giải pháp

Kệ siêu thị lưới phù hợp đại siêu thị, cửa hàng mini mart

Kệ tôn lỗ phù hợp cửa hàng mỹ phẩm, điện máy

Kệ tôn kín sản phẩm phù hợp mô hình siêu thị

Kệ xuất khẩu đóng thùng theo quy cách, dễ dàng vận chuyển

Kệ quảng cáo nhận dạng thương hiệu riêng

Kệ trưng bày kết hợp gỗ

Kệ thiết kế theo yêu cầu khách hàng, lắp ráp đơn giản

Phụ kiện, bàn thu ngân, xe đẩy, móc treo các loại…


Receiving customers

Receive customer needs for each specific model.

Analyze needs

Analyze customer warehouse storage patterns.

Drawing board + quote

Create layout drawings and estimate quotes.

Deploy + accept

Implementation of construction, acceptance and acceptance.

Have you chosen the right shelf yet?

Please contact us immediately for free consultation, shelf lines and warehouse operating solutions suitable for your model, in the most scientific and cost-effective way.

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