Do you need warehouse shelves right now?
Please contact us for a free consultation and quotation.

Do you need warehouse shelves right now?
Please contact us for a free consultation and quotation.

Bạn cần kệ kho hàng ngay lúc này ?

Video simulates warehouse operation

We simulate virtual video how the shelves are operated. Contact us for advice on modern storage solutions that are economical, flexible, and competitively priced.

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Automation solution

VIET POS – RACK….. Provide automation solutions
10 Years incessantly developing solutions

Robotic Automatic Pickup Shelves designed for large scale models.

Automated picking racks, high density cargo scale.

Automatic shelves take goods in cold storage model, specially designed.

industrial warehouse shelves

VIET POS – RACK….. The industry leader in warehouse racks
10 Years incessantly developing solutions

Industrial heavy duty rack for palletizing, weight 1500kg/pallet

Selective Very Narrow Aisle Rack using 3D forklifts

Heavy duty industrial load racks Selective forklifts longer

Heavy industrial load racks pick up goods in roller order

Saving space, large cargo capacity

Do not use forklifts for goods

Multi-purpose shelves use small, family model

Bearing roller, take the goods in order


VIET POS – RACK….. Production of on-demand display shelves
10 Years incessantly developing solutions

Suitable for supermarkets, mini mart, shops

Suitable for cosmetics, electronics stores

Used for model supermarkets

Packed in specifications, easy to transport

Separate brand identity

Trend in 2020 – 2021

Design on request, simple assembly

Accessories, Checkout Counter, Shopping Basket, …

purchasing process

Receiving customers
Receiving customer needs for each specific model

Demand analysis
Analyzing the customer warehouse storage model

Drawing board +quotation
Layout drawing board and price estimate

Deployment + acceptance
Construction implementation, acceptance and operation

Did you choose the right shelf?

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