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High-strength plastic pallets, diverse designs

Pallets are used to transport goods stably when lifted by forklift. The pallets are usually [...]

Distribution of warehouse trolleys nationwide

To flexibly move light to medium load goods in the warehouse, it is necessary to [...]

Conduit Rack – quality cable coil, good price at Viet POS Rack

Conduit Rack – Cable Reel is the necessary support system as a method of placing [...]

Tire Rack to optimize warehouse space

Viet POS Rack is a unit specializing in the production and supply of medium-load racks, [...]

Viet POS Rack manufactures motorcycle pallets on request

Viet POS Rack specializes in manufacturing and building new motorcycle pallets with high quality at [...]

Design consultancy of Rack ASRS solution in Vietnam

ASRS solution is being used very popularly in cold storage, food, chemical, logistics … Automatic [...]

Operating dedicated ASRS racks for cold storage

Cold storage automation is an increasingly common solution in logistics. Automated storage and retrieval systems [...]

Providing ASRS Robot Shelving Solution in Vietnam

An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS)—also called AS-RS or ASRS—is a type or genre [...]

Advantages of Radio Shuttle Installation in Cold Storage Warehouses

Radio shuttles are unique autonomous devices used for loading and unloading stock units and can [...]

Pallet shuttle system for industrial warehouses

The Pallet Shuttle system (AR Shuttle) is a high-density compact storage solution that uses powered [...]

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