Rack manufacturer Viet POS Rack specializes in manufacturing custom shelves: supermarket shelves, warehouse shelves, advertising shelves… The shelves manufactured on demand here always ensure quality and specifications. and color as desired and is warranted for a long time. Contact us via Hotline: 0935 777 802 for advice and specific quotes.

The production process of custom shelves in Viet POS Rack

1. Materials

The input materials that make up the warehouse shelves such as iron, steel, wood, etc. are carefully checked to ensure that the finished products are of the same quality and consistency.

2. Production line

Materials after inspection will be put into the equipment to cut, peel, bend, weld, punch … into the details of the shelf. Viet POS Rack’s production lines are equipped with the most advanced equipment, and the production process meets European standards. The details after machining have absolute exact specifications.

3. Powder coating

The details of the shelves will be cleaned of dirt and metal chips before being put through the powder coating area to ensure the color is uniform, avoiding lumps and holes. Powder coating line is fully operated by automatic machines with advanced spray gun system for higher productivity than manual methods.

After being covered with a layer of powder coating, the details will be put into a hot steam chamber for the powder coating to melt and adhere to the surface. The purpose is to create a stable bond for the paint layer, difficult to scratch and peel off. Thanks to the conveyor system, the parts enter the paint furnace at one end and come out at the other end, minimizing human labor and improving the output quality.

5. Quality check

Every detail after completion is thoroughly evaluated by the inspection department before packing and shipping to each customer. Ensure that each product when it arrives at the customer’s hand is of the best quality, without distortions, scratches, etc.

6. Packing and Shipping

After completing the warehouse shelf production cycle, the products will be packed and shipped to the customer. In the process of transportation, if there is a problem that causes the product to be scratched or deformed, we support 100% free return and exchange.

All kinds of custom shelves at Viet POS Rack

Warehouse Shelves

Viet POS Rack warehouse shelves have outstanding durability (more than 20 years), withstand large loads, long warranty (5 years), so dealer owners can be completely assured to distribute their warehouse racks. Types of warehouse shelves Viet POS Rack currently have: industrial warehouse shelves, medium-load shelves, V-hole shelves…

Supermarket Shelves

The supermarket shelves displayed at Viet POS Rack are diverse in design for agents to easily choose: supermarket mesh shelves, hole back shelves, wooden shelves, fruit shelves, advertising shelves…

Advantages of supermarket shelves – warehouse shelves in Viet POS Rack

– Supermarket shelves and Warehouse shelves solution to optimize space, area of ​​the warehouse, save costs
– Shelves are sprayed with multi-layer electrostatic paint to prevent rust and abrasion. Goods displayed to avoid mold, termites…
– Easy maintenance and maintenance
– Increase the display area to help customers easily access products
– Quick and easy disassembly
– The mold shelf is designed with high safety, easy to use, low investment cost, high efficiency.
– Easily adjust the distance of shelves to suit the requirements of use.
– Suitable to use for supermarkets, minimart, cosmetic shop, clothes, shoes…

Commitment Viet POS Rack

– Commitment to genuine products, diverse models
– Viet POS Rack provides thoughtful service from product consultation to after-sales service, after-sales warranty service.
– Setup package model with cheap price
– Quick warranty
– Enthusiastic consulting support suitable for your model
– Professional staff
– Ready to answer questions for customers
– Delivery, installation on site

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