Gravity flow pallet, also known as “gravity flow,” “flow through rack… is a FIFO warehouse storage system. Pallets are loaded at the back end of the rack system and gently “flow” down to the front of the lane at the opposite end. At the pick face, there is a stopping mechanism to keep the pallet from rolling off the front end. Each time a pallet is removed from the front of a lane, the pallets behind it move forward one position. This flow of inventory creates easy throughput for warehouses with a high volume of inventory movement.

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Specs gravity flow pallet

– Load capacity: 500kg – 1500kg/ Pallet
– Frame: 100×75 Omega, 2.0 – 3.0mm thick
– Maximum height: 11m
– The beam 120×50 arm is 2.0 – 3.0mm thick
– Iron rims 1.2 – 1.4mm thick
– Steel beam bracing bar box 25x50x1.2mm
– Iron tie bar box 20x40x1.2mm
– Base base, 2.5mm protection box
– Powder coating in orange and blue
– Safe deflection: 0.5%
– Material tolerance: ± 5%
– Powder coating: Oxyplast powder coating material.


– Pallet flow systems:
+ Allow for easy sorting and distribution of commonly used SKUs
Are an excellent solution for large-volume SKU movement. Pallets can be simultaneously loaded and unloaded so inventory movement remains constant.
Improve warehouse efficiency by eliminating aisles. With only two aisles needed — one for loading and one for unloading — pallet flow helps maximize cube utilization. When it comes to material handling, saving space means saving money.
+ Enable fast inventory rotation. The system can be replenished with new inventory at the same time the older inventory is being unloaded.
Help save on labor costs by reducing the number of touches.

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Applicable model

– Narrow warehouse area requires large amount of storage
– Industrial production
– Production storage materials
– Chemical, garment, electronics, materials factories,…
– E-commerce warehouse
– Warehouse of finished products

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