Drive In racking is a space optimising solution for a warehouse. It allows block storage of pallets and can be stocked several pallets deep, vastly reducing the number of aisles required to access goods. It is an excellent option for high density storage; ideal for products that enter and leave the warehouse in bulk or for items that will be stored long term with infrequent access. Viet Pos Rack manufactures and installs drive in racks in Vietnam and many neighboring countries. Contact Viet Pos Rack immediately for advice.

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Drive-In Storage Rack Specs

– Load capacity: 500kg – 1500kg/ Pallet
– Frame: 100×75 Omega, 2.0 – 3.0mm thick
– Maximum height: 11m
– The beam 120×50 arm is 2.0 – 3.0mm thick
– Iron rims 1.2 – 1.4mm thick
– Steel beam bracing bar box 25x50x1.2mm
– Iron tie bar box 20x40x1.2mm
– Base base, 2.5mm protection box
– Powder coating in orange and blue
– Safe deflection: 0.5%
– Material tolerance: ± 5%
– Powder coating: Oxyplast powder coating material.

Drive-In Advantages

– High storage density for certain product mixes Low capital investment vs. other high density options Very efficient storage (ability to store pallets back-to-back without aisles)
– Drive In systems don’t use beams to support pallets in the same way as standard Adjustable Pallet Racking, instead, specially designed rails are used to store the pallets ensuring that they are not resting on top of one another, this allows the MHE to drive all the way in to the system for put away or retrieval of pallets.
– Drive In racking systems are often a top choice for cold storage. Energy is lost in trying to refrigerate or freeze large areas of open space (such as aisles and high ceilings). Drive In storage allows pallets to be densely packed; therefore being extremely energy efficient. This is more environmentally friendly, as well as making the temperate control cheaper to run.

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Drive-In Applications

Drive-In Storage Rack are also known as industrial heavy duty storage racks, used to store goods weighing from 500kg to 1500kg/ Pallet.
– Cold Storage
– Food & Beverage
– Grocery
– Manufacturers with limited SKU counts
– Producers with limited product variation, date segregated production or batch production

Warehouse operation by drive-in racking

Drive-In Limitations

Inflexible, does not allow for SKU increase Possible low storage utilization (typically 50% of positions used) Low productivity (30% slower than alternative systems) Requires standardized pallets Risk of rack damage by fork trucks LIFO – Last In First Out Difficult to rotate time sensitive products

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