ASRS solution is being used very popularly in cold storage, food, chemical, logistics … Automatic storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is a system controlled by computers to automatically send, inventory and retrieve downloads from specified storage locations. It allows inventory to move quickly, safely and accurately in a warehouse environment. Contact Viet Pos Rack for advice and design of AS / RS Robot solution today.

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Arrangement of shelf solution AS / RS

Operation video of ASRS solution

Rack AS / RS details

System of storing and distributing goods

The goods storage and distribution system undertakes the functions of storing and delivering goods. It includes elevators, access conveyors, loading and unloading machines, etc. The elevator can perform multi-layered cargo storage and lift cargo to a high-rise position. According to the characteristics of the goods, the inlet conveyor can use the conveyor conveyor, the motorized roller table or the chain conveyor… mainly transport the goods to the shelf position where the elevator is up and down. Loading and unloading machinery is responsible for loading and unloading goods in and out of the warehouse. It usually includes handling machinery such as trucks and forklifts.

Warehouse control system

– Management and control systems usually apply computer control and management, applying different control methods depending on different conditions of the automatic rotating shelves. More advanced automatic rotary rack control system adopts centralized control, separate control and distributed control, that is, the control system includes a management computer, a centralized control computer and a programmable controller that is controlled directly by the pivot rack and in-carriage in and out.

– The central computer controls the automatic rotating shelves. It communicates and co-ordinates computer management, rotating racks, input and output conveyors, controls and monitors the entire automatic rotating shelf, organizes processes by command from the management computer or keyboard. dynamically monitor on-site equipment status operation and on-site equipment status, monitor cargo flow and display receipts and shipments, communicate with management computers, stacking machines and on-site equipment device display query and error detection functions.

Rack storage systems AS / RS

– Vertical lift module (VLM)
The VLM consists of a tray column at the front and rear of the module with an automatic feeder / extractor in the center for storing and retrieving the necessary trays.
– Module of vertical padding (VBM)
A cost-effective tote handling system includes a self-contained racking system with centrally movable masts. It stores and retrieves the tote, takes them to a convenient pick-up station or automatically distributes them over an out-of-box conveyor.
– Vertical conveyor
The vertical conveyor belt is like a vertical elevator, but the rotating system is more like a Ferris wheel instead of an elevator. They deliver the stored items securely and quickly to the desired location. The vertical conveyor belt can be installed with integrated drawers, trays, shelves with compartments, crates, intermediate shelves, etc. and can be locked for added security. They are ideal for applications with lower ceilings and for storing small or medium sized parts and materials relatively evenly.
– Horizontal conveyor
The horizontal conveyor belt offers precision, speed and space savings. Instead of workers having to walk and search for parts, the rotating crates are automatically delivered to them so that multiple orders can be processed at the same time. Furthermore, horizontal conveyors can significantly reduce the amount of labor required as they automate many picking tasks. The horizontal conveyor belt is the ideal solution for the workflow of parts or buildings with low ceilings that may not accommodate vertical lift modules or vertical conveyors.
– Small load based on crane AS / RS
With a unique, crane-mounted load handling device dedicated to each extremely dense storage aisle, the mini payload handles loads in bins, boxes or trays.
– Floor robot
This solution stores inventory on portable storage racks retrieved and transported from the warehouse to the operator’s access area by a team of mobile, autonomous robots.

Applicable model

The AS / RS solution is used in many models:
– Logistics industry
Mechanism industry
– Chemical industry
– Electronics, food and pharmaceutical industries
– Transport industry
– Cold storage …

Advantages of the AS / RS Rack solution

– Improve warehouse utilization, reduce storage area and save land investment costs
– Facilitate the formation of advanced logistics systems and improve the production management level of enterprises
– Speed ​​up access to goods and increase production efficiency
– Reduce labor intensity, improve working environment of workers and reduce labor costs
– Easily achieve overall system optimization, improve production and logistics management
– Perform real-time management of stored materials during transfer
– Improve inventory accuracy and efficiency with automatic, semi-automatic recognition