Shopping cart, also known as shopping carts, are an important equipment in the circulation and serving system in retail stores and supermarkets. They are often made from steel, plastic or aluminum alloy, with diverse designs to suit needs and usage goals. Supermarket carts have multi-directional wheels, allowing users to easily move goods and food around the store.

These carts are often able to hold a large amount of products, making shopping convenient for customers. Modern cart models are often designed with large baskets and separate compartments to sort and classify products. This helps create a convenient and fast shopping experience for customers, while also improving the store’s efficiency in managing and browsing merchandise.

A shopping cart is a tool that assists people in transporting heavy and bulky goods. Thanks to that, the work of transporting goods becomes easy, safe and economical. It is widely used in supermarkets, minimart, and shopping centers,… Products are distributed by Viet POS Rack system nationwide. Contact us immediately via hotline: 0935.49.83.84 for quick advice and quotes.