Automatic Robot Racking is a semi-automatic goods storage racking system, using Robots combined with traditional racking frames. And controlled via remote control or computer with internet connection. This type of shelf limits manual human resources, instead, all import and export operations are done automatically.

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Working principle of Automatic Robot Shelf

Automatic Robot Racking (Radio Shuttle Racking System) is composed of a frame system combined with a shuttle system to transport pallets.

To understand the principle of operation of this type of shelves, we divide them into 2 activities: import and export:

  • Loading: the robots are placed on the rails and receive the goods from the forklift trucks. Then press the control button to let the robots start lifting and moving the pallets to the original set position.
  • Dispatch: press the control button to let the robot move deep into the shelf to take the pallet to the top of the shelf. The rest will be staff using forklifts to take out the goods.

With this form of operation, warehouse systems will save more forms than even the AS-RS form. No need to take up a lot of space to make the way to movek

Benefits of using automatic robot shelf

  • The shelf has a large load capacity with an unlimited length design for robot control.
  • The components are made of iron and steel meeting the safety standards. Good storage of a variety of goods with high loads. The shelf life is also extended, saving a lot of time and money when maintaining, maintaining or replacing shelves.
  • Using a pick-up robot, you will avoid the risk of collisions when picking up goods, avoiding contact with the ground. Store goods safely, without causing unnecessary losses.
  • Make good use of warehouse space, provide clear aisles.
  • Reduce the travel time of goods, load and unload goods faster with automatic mechanism. Save time and labor costs.
  • Tighter control of goods, minimizing loss.

How many automatic robot shelves should be used for 1 warehouse?

  • The size of the warehouse will determine how much goods you will store in the warehouse. How many shelves can be accommodated and how to position the shelves to determine how many robots to buy for 1 warehouse space
  • Ways to import goods: The two most popular ways today are FIFO and LIFO.
  • The volume of goods will depend on the type of goods you want to store, the packing method is in bags, crates, bags or cans, etc. Goods that need more storage space will need more shelves and robots.
  • A robot will operate between two shelves, the number of shelves increases, the robot will increase.

Automated Robot Racking warehouse racking manufacturing process

Heavy-duty industrial racks at Viet Pos Rack are manufactured with a modern, closed process, from raw material selection to factory storage. Factory with many modern equipment, meet large capacity. All products are strictly tested before reaching customers.

Automatic stamping system

Omega shank system

Beam rolling system

Automatic welding system

Powder coating system

Careful packaging

Model of applying Automatic Robot Shelf

– Factory warehouse
– Warehouses of heavy industrial plants
– Warehouses of industrial parks, factories, large factories.
– Warehouse, supermarket, supermarket.
– Warehouses containing export goods of various types.
– Warehouses providing materials and heavy equipment
– Warehouses of lubricants, chemicals, food, medical…
– Warehouse of construction materials, packaging production
– Warehouses of large distributors

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