AS/RS warehouses are widely used in logistics and goods transportation activities of enterprises. In Vietnam, this automatic storage is not known by many people, but abroad, it is a familiar equipment in factories. Right here, Viet POS Rack helps readers learn about the AS/RS warehouse racking solution that automatically transfers and stores large-capacity warehouses. Follow along!

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What is AS/RS warehouse racking?

AS/RS stands for Automated Storage & Retrieval System. This phrase translates to mean: “Automatic cargo handling system”. According to experts, AS/RS racking is the most modern technology used in fully automated warehouses.

Operation mechanism of smart AS/RS warehouse racking

– AS/RS warehouse racking completely does not need human operation in the warehouse if it is designed with an automatic conveying conveyor system. The control software will do the entire import and export stage by itself. This automatic mechanism brings many great benefits to cold and freezer storage. Because these are inherently harsh working environments for employees.

– When the pallet has been entered into the warehouse, through the identifier, the system will manage all information related to that pallet. And the system also automatically locates that pallet through this code after leaving the warehouse. In addition, the AS/RS warehouse also has the ability to manage the factory’s expiry date or shipment plan.

Outstanding advantages of AS/RS warehouse racking

  • AS/RS warehouse is considered as the optimal solution for importing, storing and exporting goods of factories. Because it possesses outstanding advantages that bring a lot of value to businesses.
  • High storage density: Thanks to the ability to take advantage of the height and running distance of the small robot, the AS RS warehouse has a high storage density. Compared with traditional warehouses, automated warehouses have much less usable area, saving up to 85% of the floor.
  • Extremely fast import and export speed: An average of 1 ton of goods/minute/robot is the import and export speed of smart AS RS warehouse. High-speed cranes automatically pick up and store goods quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the time to import and export warehouse will be significantly reduced, making the operation process more flexible. Besides, it also reduces the number of forklifts and the traffic volume.
  • Cost saving: With smart AS/RS warehouse racking, the factory only needs one robot for one warehouse thanks to the transfer technology. There is no need for too much human intervention, so there is no need to invest in the lighting system. As a result, businesses save a considerable amount of maintenance costs, labor costs, management, insurance and supporting equipment, etc.
  • Low heat loss: For cold stores, the problem of heat loss to the ground, through the doors is a huge concern. And smart warehouse can completely overcome this problem. Thanks to the use of a smaller area than other storage solutions, there is less chance of heat loss to the ground
  • In addition, the smart AS RS warehouse does not need to use a lighting system, and has an automatic door system and an isolation room. Therefore, it will be difficult for heat to escape. This helps cold storage reduce power consumption and defrost time of the refrigeration system.
  • Simplify operation and maintenance: Operators can manage the loading equipment without entering the machine aisle, thanks to a control panel located at the end of the aisle. In addition, maintenance is also quicker and simpler due to the easy access to the power supply and other key components.
  • Having a professional and effective management system: AS/RS warehouse shelves are equipped with warehouse management software combined with barcode or magnetic card technology. This technology makes it easy for businesses to achieve ISO standards to create a competitive advantage.

AS/RS warehouse racking manufacturing process

Heavy-duty industrial racks at Viet Pos Rack are manufactured with a modern, closed process, from raw material selection to factory storage. Factory with many modern equipment, meet large capacity. All products are strictly tested before reaching customers.

Automatic stamping system

Omega shank system

Beam rolling system

Automatic welding system

Powder coating system

Careful packaging

Model of applying automatic AS/RS warehouse racking

– Factory warehouse
– Warehouses of heavy industrial plants
– Warehouses of industrial parks, factories, large factories.
– Warehouse, supermarket, supermarket.
– Warehouses containing export goods of various types.
– Warehouses providing materials and heavy equipment
– Warehouses of lubricants, chemicals, food, medical…
– Warehouse of construction materials, packaging production
– Warehouses of large distributors

Video of warehouse racking operation AS/RS

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