The Robot Shuttle Rack System is a semi-automated, high-density storage solution for the handling of goods inside channels similar to a drive-in or pallet-flow setup.​ In this semi-automated installations, operators only need to drive the forklifts that carry the pallets and initiate the motorized shuttle’s activity. The movement of the pallet shuttles inside the shuttle racks is automated with a few commands.

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Shuttle Rack system consists of supporting rack, shuttle rails and a Robot shuttle cart (Also Called Pallet Runner or Pallet Mole). The Robot shuttle cart runs on the rails and is propelled by an electric motor. It also has a platform on the top that can lift up and down. The lifting action is required to lift a pallet that is placed on the rail and then the electric motor moves the cart with the pallet on top into the rack in order to deposit the pallet in its right position. When the pallet is required, the cart moves in under the pallet, lifts it and brings it to the front of the rack where it can be retrieved by a forklift. All the movements of the shuttle cart are controlled with a hand held remote control. The shuttle cart is placed in the desired lane with a forklift.

Advantages of Robot Shuttle Rack System

– Fully programmable deep lane storage and retrieval system for maximum and high-security storage
– Goods can be stored in the warehouses with highest density and low cost
– Better safety and anti-seismic performance, reduce the rack collision and improve the safe production
– Storage style: FIFO or FILO, Optional runnel picking
– As each pallet only needs to be positioned at the beginning of the deep lane storage it increases efficiency within operations

Robot Shuttle Rack Specs

– Shelves load 500 to 1500 kg / pallet
– Automatic Robot Operator Pick Up
– Omega 100×75 leg 2.0 – 3.0mm thick
– Altitude up to 18m
– The 120×50 beam arm is 2.0 – 3.0mm thick
– Iron rims 1.2 – 1.4mm thick
– Steel beam bracing bar box 25x50x1.2mm
– Iron tie bar box 20x40x1.2mm
– Base base, 2.5mm protection box
– Powder coating in orange and blue
– Safe deflection: 0.5%.
– Material tolerance: ± 5%.
– Powder coating: Oxyplast powder coating material.

Working principle

Goods-in: put the goods at the front of racking at the lane track by forklift, control the radio shuttle bearing pallet goods running on the track through wireless remote; Goods-out: move the deep pallet of rack to the front, use forklift to pick up; Move dolly: radio shuttle applied to different lane, the quantity is up to lane depth, goods quantity, goods out batch, goods out frequency etc. composite factors.

Features of Robot Shuttle Racking System

– Greater diversification: each channel can be used to store a different item
– High productivity: increased flow of incoming and outgoing goods
– Greater capacity: Storage of up to 40 m deep
– Highly cost-effective, thanks to the reduction in operating costs
– Decreased incidents and maintenance costs
– Many advanced functionalities can be easily controlled from the tablet.

Video of the Robot Shuttle shelf operation

Production Process

Shuttle Rack Robot at Viet Pos Rack is manufactured with a modern, closed process, from raw material selection to factory storage. Factory with many modern equipment to meet large capacity. All products are strictly tested before reaching the hands of customers.

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