• Shelves can bear a load of 150kg/floor
  • V-pillar base 35x35x1.2
  • Corrugated iron tray is 0.6mm thick
  • Beam Z1.2
  • Black powder coated
  • Raw material: All cold rolled steel raw material according to Japanese standards JIS G3131, G3101
  • Safe deflection: 0.5%.
  • Material tolerance: ± 5%.
  • Powder coating: Oxyplast brand powder coating material.
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V Shelf system assembled with 3 floors

Advantages of assembled V shelves

– Save space
– Durable, beautiful, convenient
– Manufactured on modern technological lines
– Powder coating prevents damage to goods and prolongs shelf life
– Easy to assemble or disassemble, no screws required
– Neat and does not take up much usable space.
– Bearing heavy load up to 150kg/floor



Video of assembling multi-purpose V shelves

Viet POS Rack can be assembled at home easily. Customers can refer to the video on how to assemble V shelves below.

The model applies assembled V shelf

Production and transportation process

Viet POS Rack with a team of talented engineers and specialists along with modern machinery systems, we are confident in providing modern, quality warehouse solutions. Below is our entire production and shipping process.

20,000m2 factory area

Our factory covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters, can meet the needs of large orders, and produce and deliver quickly.

Professional staff

Viet POS Rack’s engineers and workers are professionally trained. A team with rich production experience.

Use automatic equipment

We use fully automatic equipment to transport and handle materials, which greatly improves efficiency and quality.

Solid packaging process

The product will be tightly packed and placed in a wooden box. to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation.


Using laser cutting and stamping robots

Apply modern technology to the production process. Instead of cutting materials by hand, we use laser cutting robots


Safe transportation

After securely packaging, the product will be shipped quickly and safely to customers. Technical experts will assist with on-site installation, ensuring safety.


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