Viet POS Rack is a unit specializing in the production and supply of medium-load racks, Tire Rack, heavy-duty shelves suitable for use as a tire storage system. This shelf model is sought after by businesses trading in spare parts – machinery components for their warehouses. Helps to arrange tires for motorbikes and cars neatly. Increase storage space, save warehouse space.

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Tire Rack products at Viet POS Rack

Tire Rack is a safe and versatile tire storage shelf that can both store and display car and motorcycle tires. The rack tire system is assembled in layers to accommodate a large number of tyres. Tire racks are all made of steel for long-term stability, durability, By combining stacking and layering shelves, the shelves are capable of maximizing the available space in the garage or warehouse. , repair workshop,… Most of our Tire Rack systems of our company Viet POS Rack are assembled by movable joints and do not use screws, so they are easy to disassemble and install quickly. quickly with minimal tools, saving time and operating labor costs.


– Load capacity from 500-2000 kg
– Powder coated with optional color, popular is dark gray to ensure clean and durable.
– Suitable for a wide range of tire sizes with optional sizes when ordering.
– Can be stacked up to 5 pieces high when in use
– Can be stacked up to 20 pieces when not in use
– Stacking equipment and forklifts can be used.

Tire Rack – The right pick-up solution

– Storage systems suitable for the storage of tires in industry are manual picking solutions such as long-span or carton flow racks. As they can be adjusted for different sized tires or wheels.
– Industrial racking solutions that allow manual storage of tires, with direct and immediate access to all stored goods, facilitating warehouse and flow management goods.
The very flexible system can be adjusted to different heights, thus adapting to all tire sizes.
– Shelves can be increased in height, adding accessories such as wooden boards or metal trays to store other goods or tires with horizontal rims.
Depending on the weight the rack will support, a pallet racking structure (such as a selective racking) can be used if necessary.

Viet POS Rack – The leading supplier of tire racks in Vietnam

In Vietnam today, there are many units that manufacture and trade display shelves for goods. In particular, Viet POS Rack emerges as one of the most prestigious and quality brands, specializing in the production and installation of shelves to serve all the needs of customers.

With large capacity, leading factory in Vietnam and reputable brand for many years in the field of shelf supply. Viet POS Rack is committed to bringing the most satisfaction to customers when choosing and buying our products with special preferential policies as follows:

  • Consultation, site survey, site measurement, fastest detailed quotation
  • Free support to draw 2D 3D shelf model for the premises
  • Delivery and installation support
  • 5 year product warranty
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