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Motorcycle Pallet products in Vietnam POS Rack

A pallet (also known as a pallet) is a flat structure for loading goods for storage or to be moved by hand trucks, forklifts or other lifting equipment. A pallet is a substructure unit that allows for efficient handling and storage. Goods that are shipped in containers are usually placed on pallets that are securely secured by strapping, wrapping, or shrinking. Motorcycle pallets help support motorcycles, easy transportation.

When to use motorcycle pallets?

– Motorbike pallets are used in the case of products that need absolute protection such as motorcycles, which need to be guaranteed not to be scratched and bumped, used to transport motorbikes from one place to another.
– The sturdy box-shaped pallet makes it easy to arrange motorbikes so that any external forces do not affect, shaking the vehicle system while on the move.
– Using high-grade steel bearing frame, the motorcycle pallets can be stacked to ensure the safety of goods when loading.

Benefits of equipping motorbike pallets

– The aluminum motorcycle pallet is suitable for storage or three-way rotation of various motorcycles.
– Equipped with gentle step slope and can easily push the motorbike in without the support of other devices.
– As a prefabricated structure, and the column can be disassembled and placed when empty, which is convenient for storage and transportation.
– There are locking loops on both sides of the base of this product to secure the machine head.
– Equipped with a front wheel positioning groove to make the motorcycle more stable.
– The base of this product is equipped with multi-function wheels, which can be changed at will.
– This product can be stacked by forklift or overhead crane to form three-dimensional storage capacity and improve space utilization.
– The maximum dynamic load of this product can reach 300 kg.
– This product can adjust the size of the base and column according to the size of the motorcycle.

Why choose Aluminum alloy motorcycle frame at VIET POS RACK?

– With many years of experience in the industry of multi-load racks, iron pallets, medium-load racks, have worked and satisfied many big partners. VIET POS RACK can confidently bring standard quality products to your business.
– A team of highly qualified and professional engineers and workers will provide a structure according to European standards, ensuring high safety, solidity, and high aesthetics.
– Also when coming to VIET POS RACK. Customers are also served with a team of dedicated consultants, ensuring that customers will be absolutely satisfied when cooperating with us. Many years of operation in the industry, the orientation of VIET POS RACK is always towards the interests of customers. VIET POS RACK wishes to have the opportunity to serve your business.