Pallets are used to transport goods stably when lifted by forklift. The pallets are usually plastic, wood or can also be made of metal, paper and recycled materials. Each material will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Currently, the most popular type of pallet is Plastic Pallets, it has outstanding advantages and is cheap.

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What are plastic pallets?

  • Plastic pallets are molded plastic sheets, flat structure. They are used for transporting and storing goods. Goods or shipping containers are placed on pallets, often combined with forklifts to ensure transport.
  • They are often called shelves and are made from new HDPE or PP plastic with good heavy load capacity and long service life.
  • Depending on the purpose and needs, pallets have many different sizes, colors and sizes to create many options for customers.

Popular types of Plastic Pallets today

  • Single-sided plastic pallets: are produced with many different sizes, with load-bearing levels, serving the transportation or inventory needs of businesses.
  • Double-sided plastic pallet: very good load capacity, convenient for stacking goods, saving storage space.
  • Open-faced plastic pallets: used for goods that need to be ventilated, to help the best preservation process.
  • Closed-faced plastic pallet: firm surface, increased storage efficiency, high bearing capacity and better cargo handling when pallets can be stacked.

Advantages of using Plastic Pallets

– 10 times more durable than wooden pallets, so there is no need to buy again and again
– Resistant to mold, termites, chemicals and high temperatures
– Easy to clean, clean, not dirty like wooden pallets
– Can be reused many times while still ensuring quality
– Various colors and designs, smooth and beautiful surface
– Recyclable to protect the environment
– Lighter weight, easy to move
– Easily accompany exports without complicated paperwork.

Notes when using and storing Plastic Pallets

Thanks to their outstanding advantages, they are used to replace traditional wooden pallets. However, in the process of use, you should also pay attention to some of the following points to keep the product for a long time.

  • Lift and lower pallets properly, limiting the situation of being too strong with the surrounding surface or material.
  • After use, workers can stack the pallets with the appropriate height, which saves considerable area.
  • In particular, it is necessary to pay attention not to throw the pallets from above, to avoid hitting people around.
  • Regularly, clean and spray pallets after use

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