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Streamline your warehouse

From production to delivery, nearly two dozen people may handle a single package. Not only does each person create opportunity for error, but manual handling also impacts efficiency. In a warehouse that stocks a high number of items or SKUs, the logistics of efficiently storing and processing orders can be quite daunting. Automated storage and retrieval systems, or AS/RS, are designed to effectively store smaller components and programmed to improve speed and accuracy in order fulfillment processes. From shuttle and mini-load systems to vertical lift modules and carousels, many automated storage solutions exist that can enhance your warehouse operations.

Speed & Safety

Fewer manual processes help to streamline the flow of materials and reduce the chance of accidents or injuries

Reduce costs

Lower your energy consumption, maintenance and labor costs while increasing throughput for improved profitability

Optimize storage space

Efficient space utilization in your warehouse maximizes storage capacity within a minimal amount of floor space

Benefits of automated storage & retrieval systems (ASRS)

Safe & reliable storage systems

Automated storage systems are built to be sturdy and reliable, providing long-lasting benefits for your warehouse operations. Safety is paramount any time heavy equipment is present, and automated systems help foster a safe working environment by reducing accidents, worker injuries and fatigue. AS/RS also help prevent product damage as well as damage to equipment and structures. Plus, since AS/RS often reduce the number of operators needed, these systems help offset challenges caused by scarce or unreliable labor.

Optimize warehouse storage space 

Using AS/RS in your warehouse can increase available storage space by at least 85% while also reducing overall costs of equipment and labor by 60% or more. Automated warehouse storage solutions such as high-density shuttle racking enable you to increase pallet storage density. With carousels and mini-load systems, you can store smaller items in an extremely dense and highly accessible storage system that takes up minimal floor space.

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Fast, accurate order processing

Automated storage and retrieval systems operate at much higher speeds than human-driven machines, which results in swift order picking and faster delivery times. AS/RS also help eliminate manual processes that can be subject to human error, improving the accuracy of orders.