The innovative “Goods-to-Man” automated storage solution is based on a system of autonomous automatic robotic and mobile shelves designed to make warehouses more scalable and efficient. Products are brought directly to operators for picking. Unnecessary movements are eliminated and storage space optimized. Along with viet pos rack, learn more about this solution through the article below. If you need more information about industrial warehouse shelves, please contact us at hotline: (+84) 796 700 777.
Automatic robotic logistics eliminates low-level, repetitive tasks. It ensures optimized employee productivity and order reliability. You will increase your operating efficiency and reduce your operating costs.
There is no need to change your infrastructure, the solution integrates seamlessly into your warehouse. Automation ensures your long-term logistics performance.
The system’s ease of installation and use guarantees a low level of capital investment and immediate operating efficiency.
A key to success in a developing business is the anticipation and creation of agile, adaptable infrastructure and logistics.
Our dynamic storage solution is unrivalled: its extensive modularity enables complex and growing requirements to be met.

How it works

The Scallog System is a simple, scalable automated order picking system for the intelligent management of storage, replenishment and inventory:
The solution is based on on-demand handling: the SystemTM supervisor plans the routes of the Boby robots.
The mobile robots move into position under the shelves then transport them to the workstations.
Operators withdraw the number of products indicated by the SystemTM software without having to move from their workstation.

Scallog in action

Automatic robotic applied model

– Factory warehouse
– Heavy industrial factory warehouse
– Warehouses of industrial zones, large factories, factories.
– Supermarket, supermarket store warehouse.
– Warehouses containing multi-category export goods.
– Warehouse for supplying heavy materials and equipment
– Lubricant warehouse, chemicals, food, medical, etc.
– Warehouse for construction materials, production of packaging
– Warehouse of finished products
– E-commerce warehouse

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