Viet Pos Rack is a unit specializing in manufacturing and distributing warehouse shelf in VietNam. Products are diverse in designs and sizes: Selective pallet rack, Drive in rack, Double Deep rack… Warehouse shelves are manufactured on a modern, self-contained production line, meeting many different models. Contact hotline: (+84) 796 700 777 for quick advice.

Modern production process

Our profiling lines guarantee continuous production, subject at all times to the strictest quality control tests. Moreover, the automated welding processes used by Viet Pos Rack are the most advanced in the market. All components of our racks undergo exhaustive traction, bending, compression and joint rigidity tests.

Guaranteed protection

Materials are treated using an automated painting process to ensure suitable protection. Those components most exposed to wear and corrosion are finished by cataphoresis, allowing a degree of resistance that is three times superior to that of conventional paint. This process offers important advantages over more traditional methods:
– Greater corrosion resistance.
– Uniform paint coat.

– Optimum fire resistance (ignition temperature above 200 ºC).

Automatic stamping machine

Omega leg rolling system

Beam rolling system

Automatic welding process

Powder Coating

Careful packaging process

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Customised solutions

When a client requires the supply and installation of a storage system, Viet Pos Rack uses its unique computer programme to determine a suitable system that will provide maximum optimisation of the warehouse.
All of Viet Pos Rack processes of calculation, testing and design of metal racks are in accordance with the international FEM standards, thus ensuring quality, safety and guaranteed efficiency for our clients.

Video warehouse operation with heavy load shelves

Advantages of heavy duty industrial shelves

– Each floor of a heavy load shelf is capable of carrying loads from 500kg / pallet to 1500kg / pallet. Optimize warehouse space. Easily check the import and export of goods.
– Can use most types of forklifts, ladder trucks, designed according to European standards
Heavy-duty warehouse rack system is designed to suit all types of goods, all specifications, sizes of pallets …
Heavy duty racks are commonly used in most of the economic sectors today: industry, agriculture, forestry, seafood, frozen warehouses up to 60 ℃ in cold rooms.

Model applied

– Factory warehouse
– Heavy industrial factory warehouse
– Warehouses of industrial zones, large factories, factories.
– Supermarket, supermarket store warehouse.
– Warehouses containing multi-category export goods.
– Warehouse for supplying heavy materials and equipment
– Lubricant warehouse, chemicals, food, medical, etc.
– Warehouse for construction materials, production of packaging
– Large distributors’ warehouses

Typical customers

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