The Stacker‐Bot Mobile Robot can store and retrieve on a single trip up to five cases or totes. The AMR automatically picks a case or tote, scans the barcode and stores it in the Stacker‐Bot on any one of the five onboard shelves. It then uses its RCS (robot control system) and communicates to the WMS/WCS host software system. Let’s learn more about this solution together with Viet Pos Rack. In addition, if you need to buy industrial warehouse shelves, please contact us at hotline: (+84) 796 700 777.

Unit Specifications

Dimensions Width: 1650 mm
Depth: 818 mm
Height: 2605mm
Width: 65 inches
Depth: 32.2 inches
Height: 102.6 inches
Min. Rotation
2350 mm 92.5 inches
Min. Ground
20 mm 0.79 inches
Weight 450 kg 992 lbs.
Rated Load 50 kg x 5 (250 kg) 110 lbs. x 5 (550 lbs.)

Amr stacker bot ASRS system

Once the inventory has been retrieved, the Stacker‐Bot is directed via the WMS/WES software host to place the inventory in exact locations. The rack, shelf level and shelf location for each of the five SKUs is communicated to the Stacker‐Bot. The robot always travels via the shortest path to its location. If you are interested in potentially incorporating the Stacker-Bot or other types of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) or automation technology into your warehouse or order fulfillment operation, Viet Pos Rack is happy to help.

Are you interested in automatic robotic solution?

AMR Applications

Inventory transportation to and from:
– Flow Rack
– Rack
– Workstations
– Automated Equipment
– Conveyor
– Stacker bot_Conveyco
– After the AMR has picked up its product to be replenished, the Stacker‐Bot uses its two dimensional camera technology to find its first location. It verifies its position by scanning the bar code on the rack and shelf level. Then, it automatically places the tote or case in the proper SKU location. This operation is done transparently from the picking operator located at the front of the flow rack.
– Mobile Robot travels to its next location and repeats this process until its load is depleted. It then goes back to the re‐loading station to pick up more SKUs and repeats the process. The number of Stacker‐Bots required for a system is based on the throughput, capacity and floor space requirements.


Motion Performance

Operating Speed
1500 mm/s, 1160 mm/s 59.1 in./s, 45.7 in./s
Navigation Accuracy ±10 mm ±0.39 inches
Stop Angle Accuracy ±1° ±1°
Stop Position
±10 mm ±0.39 inches

Executing Structure/Rack Parameters

Tote or Carton
Width: 400 to 600 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Height: 100 to 310 mm
Width: 15.75 to 23.6
Depth: 15.75 inches
Height: 3.9 to 12.2
Number Of Shelf
5 5
Load Capacity Per
50 kg 110 lbs.
Load Capacity For
50 kg 110 lbs.
Max. Lifting Height 2145 mm 84.5 inches
Min. Lifting Height 280 mm 11.0 inches
Min. Rack Height 290 mm 11.4 inches
Lifting Speed
500 mm/s, 450 mm/s 19.7 in/s, 17.7 in/s
Descending Speed
500 mm/s, 450 mm/s 19.7 in/s, 17.7 in/s
Rack Positioning
±3 mm ±0.12 mm
Storage & Retrieval
Rotatory Inserter/
Rotatory Inserter/
Telescopic Fork
1000 mm/s, 500 mm/s 39.4 in/s, 19.7 in/s
Telescopic Fork
Stopping Accuracy
±2 mm ±0.08 inches