Today, industrial shelving and racking has evolved enormously thanks to the technological potential of robotics, artificial intelligence, and computer science. Each of them have contributed to building the transition bridge between manual and automated storage.The modern industrial shelf, in addition to storing things, also serves as a support to arrange products in order to later transport them. Industrial shelving is usually made up of load beams or shelf panels, support crossbars, row spacers and protectors. Contact us immediately at hotline: (+84) 796 700 777 for advice if you have a need to buy warehouse shelves, automatic shelves.

Why is it important to have industrial storage shelves?

– Industrial shelves were created to correct the internal insufficiency of industrial warehouses, ensuring the well-being and preservation of the merchandise.
– Industrial racking system is designed to exploit the maximum storage capacity of an industrial warehouse, since its metal structures can be more than 10 meters high.

– Through storage shelving and racking systems it’s possible to reduce the number of staff members in charge of storage as well as transport and delivery time.

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Industrial storage classification

Focusing on the storage mechanism, industrial racking can be classified in the following way: Manual storage systems, Automated storage system.

Manual storage systems

Manual storage systems are all those that require the direct handling of the storage personnel to fulfill their function. This is the traditional way, used to store merchandise, documents and any type of company belongings. Despite its traditional characteristics, warehouse staff members can use loading machinery to position heavy goods high up on the racking or shelving systems. 

Overview of heavy duty warehouse shelves

Automated storage system

Automated storage systems are the other side to storage mechanics. Therefore, its structure is almost completely independent from human intervention. This type of racking represents an innovative system created to optimize storage as much as possible. It is achieved by cleverly manipulating the positioning and order of products, which also increases safety within the industrial environment.

Automated warehouses are the most appropriate solution for maximising the storage space and for quick and automated access to the different unit loads.

Automated warehouse systems are used for pallets and for cartons, enabling maximum optimisation, not just of the space but also in terms of efficiency and work times.

ASRS solution – Automated cargo storage system

Professional shelf production process

Automatic stamping machine

Omega leg rolling system

Beam rolling system

Automatic welding process

Powder Coating

Careful packaging process

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