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Warehouse Led lighting system

At Viet POS Rack, we always believe that designing and providing the right LED lighting system solution for the warehouse plays an equally important role, helping to maintain tight control of operating costs and industrial productivity. job. A lighting system equipped with highly efficient lamps is essential in the warehouse to promote worker visibility, productivity and safety.


Rubber tire warehouse trolley

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Application warehouse Led lighting system?

Smart LED lighting systems are widely applied in warehouses:
Industrial production
Cold storage with large area
Warehouse of production storage materials
Chemical factory, garment, electronics, supplies….
E-Commerce Warehouse, Shipping Logistics
Finished goods warehouse

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Construction process of LED cold storage lights

  • Step 1: Design the workshop space
  • Step 2: Calculate, estimate the cost, labor to implement the factory lighting system
  • Step 3: Choose LED lights for factory lighting suitable for capacity and investment costs
  • Step 4: Choose a reputable factory lighting contractor – Viet POS Rack is one of the leading construction units in Vietnam
  • Step 5: Carry out the construction of the factory lighting system on schedule
  • Step 7: Completion and acceptance after construction. Add equipment if there is a technical error and hand over the complete project to the customer.

3D design LED lighting system

Investing in cold storage LED solutions, what do you get?

  • 60% to 70% energy savings compared to outdated HID and fluorescent light sources
  • Rated life of 100,000 hours greatly reduces maintenance costs
  • Even light distribution and high CRI improve vision and worker safety
  • Control options include occupancy sensors and dimming
  • Reliable performance in cold and wet environments

Purchase consultation process

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Receive information and analyze customer warehouse storage model.

Drawing + quotation

Lên bản vẽ layout và dự toán báo giá cho khách hàng tham khảo

Deployment + acceptance

Construction, installation, acceptance and handover to customers.

Choosing LED warehouse lights

Please contact us immediately for a free consultation, shelf lines, warehouse operation solutions suitable for your model, in the most cost-effective and scientific way.

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warehouse supplies and accessories

In addition to the warehouse Led lighting system, Viet POS Rack also manufactures and installs a wide variety of top quality materials and warehouse shelves. Depending on the size and area of ​​​​the warehouse, we will advise you on the most suitable products, to save maximum costs.


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